Hürriyet – Demirce Architecture

Architect Alpay Demirci from Izmir made evaluations about the correct approach to today's architectural projects. Stating that the right approach is projects that offer solutions to their users, Demirci pointed out that functional solutions should be created by taking the user profile into consideration, and that functional details, not decorations, should be at the forefront in designs.
Demirci stated that correct and functional solutions also bring the right architecture and said, 'If a project has no functionality and causes difficulties for the user in their daily life, it means that there are deficiencies in that project.'

Stating that the work also has a city scale dimension, Demirci said that environmental analysis made before starting the design is the first issue to be considered in an architectural project. Demirci explained that the harmony with the surrounding structures, the social structure of the people living in that region, and transportation to the region are the factors that generally shape the design, and noted that the importance of sustainable architecture, which is another issue, is slowly beginning to be understood.

Stating that the right thing to do is to adopt this sustainable architecture approach and make environmentally friendly designs, Demirci said, 'As Demirce Architecture, we prefer to use natural materials in our designs in order to implement this idea a little bit. We try to capture as many designs as possible with minimum material variety. We have a cafe project in Buca that is still ongoing. In the design of this project, we created a concept by using rebar, which is a rough construction material. We applied these details in the garden and bar area. In our other project, Urla Evzen Villas, we preferred natural materials that we could find locally. "By using wood and natural stone in interior and exterior spaces, we achieved a simple design whose subtleties are hidden in the details," he said.

Stating that they have a beach club project in Çeşme Alaçatı, which is still in the design phase, Demirci said, "In this project, there are serious elevation differences on our land. We turn this situation into an advantage, not a disadvantage, in our design, not by leveling or filling the land, but by using the existing conditions. We have been trying to maintain this attitude since 1999, the year we were founded. "Our wish is that this attitude will be adopted and implemented by other architects," he said.