Demirce Architecture in WINWORLD Magazine

Architect Alpay Demirci, one of the partners of Demirce Architecture, who prefers Somfy branded products in the qualified projects they complete with the solutions they offer and high technology, talked about new projects and the sector in our interview where he introduced their company. Alpay Demirci introduced Demirce Architecture with the following words:

“After school graduation, which is considered the beginning of the architectural profession, we have been following a common path as Alpay Demirci and Burçin Demirci since 2001, with a perspective that is our own. We express our company's view and opinion under the name Demirce Architecture. We do not have a clear architectural success target in our road map, we just define the user, determine the needs and produce solutions in our opinion. We aim to express this basic approach as simply as possible, and we are working in this direction. We know and see that the simpler we solve this situation, the higher the success will be.” Could you give us information about the project you completed with Somfy systems in Izmir? We have used Somfy engine and automation systems in Izmir Kaynak Mansions, consisting of 145 mansions, for which we are the architectural project manager and for which we prepared the interior design of the C type as Demirce Architecture, and in the homes of our individual customers. In such projects, we prefer Somfy's shutter motors, awning motors, curtain motors and the motors of home automation furniture such as projection elevators and plasma curtain elevators. Could you give us information about the projects you have completed as a company and the projects you will start in the coming periods? Are there any of you who will use Somfy systems in these projects? Our Evzen-URLA project in Izmir is a very new project, it has its own theme. It is made for families who love horses and has influences from Zen culture. We also have a hotel project, we are working on it. We are considering using it in the homes of our customers, whose homes we individually design and build. We have a standard use of blinds, and we believe that their use in curtain systems will increase thanks to Somfy's technology. Could you tell us about your encounter with the Somfy brand and the reasons why you chose it for motorized systems and automation solutions such as blinds, curtains, awnings and shutters? If we come to the reasons why we prefer Somfy in general; We can say that the engines are quiet, have solutions, high technology, have a user-friendly interface for the necessary adjustments and have very good technical support. We would especially like to thank SOMFY Aegean Regional Manager Harun Aygen, who is always with us in the region regarding technical support. How do you evaluate the market in terms of sector? How did the contraction in the markets affect your company? What kind of work do you do to overcome these problems? The economic crisis dominating the world seriously affects everyone in the construction industry. We do not have the character to wait for the crisis to end. For this reason, we are working on the details and efficiency of the building solution systems we create.”