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The invited competition held in the area opposite the bus terminal, which has a very serious construction area due to the largest land plot close to the center and its similar size, was held with the participation of international companies and Turkey's leading architectural offices. In the project we prepared as Demirce Architecture, mixed use consisting of residences, offices and shopping malls was aimed, the landscape effect that becomes more important as it rises, the physical structuring that will disable the pollution factor of the cement factory in the immediate vicinity, the diagonal length of the land created with the aim of making maximum use of the plant and making the shopping mall stand out. CADDE constitutes our concept.

The Competition which has been created at the opposite of Izmir Intercity Bus Terminal, the biggest building site which is closest to the city center, and has a land area about 111.300 m2 due to its imputed value, took place with International Architectural Firms and Turkey’s leading architectural offices.

DESCRIPTION: Today's name is the shopping mall, which is the spatial equivalent of the desire of humans, who are social beings, to gather and interact. In the expansion of this desire to gather, the "street" concept to be created on our existing land is a more accurate approach in terms of plan depths; Considering the existing housing and development in the surrounding area, we chose the single, linear, "street" concept in order not to divide people on the street. Since we did not use more than 1/5 of the depth of small and medium-sized stores when we used the street diagonally, we preferred large-scale stores and/or electronic markets with their own internal circulation at the far point.

In order to support the advantage of using the maximum perspective that can occur on a diagonal, singular, linear street, we completed the composition with a symmetrical residential layout and an office building rising at the end of the street.