New Seinäjoki City Library

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New Seinäjoki City Library

Project Office: JKMM Architects
Project Location: Seinäjoki, Finland
Completion Date: 2012
Fotoğraf: Tuomas Uusheimo, Hannu Vallas, Mika Huisman

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The New Seinäjoki Library was designed by JKMM Architects in the city center, which was designed by Alvar Aalto in 1965 and is known for its modern architecture and cultural value.

At the starting point of the design, the aims are

They explained that the aim is to find the right balance between the existing old texture in the city center and the new structure to be designed in terms of harmony with and challenge to the old texture.

Another important issue in the design is that the library is a versatile, flexible and transformable public space and that the most impressive views of the outdoor space reach the user.

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