Soumaya Museum of Architecture

Project Office: FREE/Fernando Romero Enterprise
Project Location:Mexico
Completion date: 2011
Photo: Adam Wiseman,Raul Soria


Designed by the architectural group Fernando Romero Enterprise, built in the Mexican capital by businessman Carlos Slim in memory of his deceased wife, approximately 50 meters high and supported by 28 curved steel columns, this unique and contemporary sculptural museum architecture dates from the 14th century to the present day. It also hosts paintings, sculptures and decorative objects.


The facade of the museum consists of hexagonal mirrored steel modules of varying sizes and shapes, which also facilitates the protection and durability of the structure. The building, which is perceived differently from every angle on the outside, consists of an auditorium, cafe, offices, souvenir sales area and multi-purpose lobby, as well as an exhibition space divided into 5 different floors.