News titled “This Exhibition is Different”

Demirce Architecture was the 10th guest of the exhibition 'Koleksiyon/ Izmir SMD Hosts Architects', a joint effort of the Association of Freelance Architects and Çözüm Mobilya. The exhibition, which opened at Çözüm Mobilya's location in Mithatpaşa and includes 15 projects, can be visited until November 20. Alpay Demirci from Demirce Architecture, which made a name for itself with its projects that made a difference in Izmir and received the CNBC Best Architecture award in 2007, said: “Demirce is not just an office name, it is a way of life for us. "We have some basic elements that we have determined in this regard, such as functionality, innovation, simplicity, being able to integrate with the lifestyle of users and adding value to the environment," he said.