Hotel Mono

Hi everyone, Hotel Mono, which one of the new symbols of Singapore, is with you today. The hotel, which was in the back of beyond once upon a time, is now the most favorite hotel in the city.

Spacedge Designs team adopted a minimalist approach, using only the shades of black and white. The thing that pushed them to this approach was the budget. While the monochromatic tones highlights the black and white furniture, the mosaic ceramics made the design more graphical.

 During the renovation, they paid attention to preserving the Rococo style of the 1900s in the building.

Rococo ? My next article might be about that.

 Hotel Mono became a successful synthesis of the old and the new. Attracting the travelers who are social media enthusiasts, this design ranked first in the category of interior design-accommodation at Design of the Year awards in 2017. Three apples fell from the sky …

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