First of all hi everyone,

I have a story for you. The story is about the project, which recently came to the forefront on architectural platforms.

Competition is started in Russia, and the project area is an area where the paragliding was popular. One day it is decided to do a mixed housing project in the area. They are so enthusiastic that the world famous architects are invited to compete. Participants in the contest were giant names like Fuksas, Zaha hadid, Steven Holl. Steven Holl Architects wins the competition. How was it possible to win the competition? Here comes the story…

Years ago, there is a citizen named Sergie in Russia. Sergie is a fan of the paragliding. He cannot stop watching those dancing in the air with the parachute on his way to work and always arrives late. One day his coming late for his job appeared in the newpapaers as a humor materialin the new (!) world where people can be popular for a day. Sergie, who cannot with watching the aviation school, has become so popular that the whole Russia is talking about him. After these, the jury wanted to show Sergie the incoming projects for receiving opinions of the different users.

Seeing the project designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, Sergie finds it very interesting and liked it. Then Fuksas’s project comes and Sergie likes it again. Architecture is so simple in Sergie’s eyes. According to him, a building is beautiful if it is different and interesting, and it is ordinary if it looks like the buildings everywhere.

Finally, they show him the project designed by Steven Holl. He’s fascinated, he likes it more.

It makes him happy to see the scenery he lost with images. With this project, he likes that the opinions are given importance. He feels valued as a citizen and continued to go to work looking at the structure designed every day. That ‘s what made Steven Holl win the competition.(!)

NOTE: There is no connection between the character and the plot of the story and the real characters and incidents. ‘Sergie’ is an imaginary character.