April 23rd at Demirce Norms Architecture!

Demirce Norms Architecture designed a special program for children this time under the April 23rd National Sovereignty and Children’s Day.

Designed with the motto “Future is created from today”, the program began with a fable story about architecture. From Corporate Development Center of Lavisio, Çakır Dilek Yunar, the business partner of Demirce Architecture, contributed with a storytelling that would open the way for children to think divergently.

Afterwards, the pictures of the houses that the children used as the products of their own world were projected in the digital environment in the cooperation of Demirce Norms Architects and the output was made using Can Digital’s 3D printing technology.

In addition, the projects have been redesigned as a town, creating a built environment.

Children who describe their experiences in an interview are completed event with valuable memories by taking their drawings as well as their certificates.

Atatürk, the founder of Turkish Republic, sometimes referred to his loved ones as ‘child’. For him, the child meant love. We celebrate this day that belongs to every child on the world, even the ones we can not reach, with love.